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Mission Statement:

The World Languages Department believes in the power of bilingualism in today's interconnected world. Our core mission is to both support and inspire. By providing a challenging yet nurturing learning environment, we aim to empower every student to not only become bilingual but also to be a responsible and productive citizen in a bilingual world. This aligns with the school's broader educational goals of fostering global awareness and competence in our students.

Educational Approaches:

To ensure our students receive the best language education possible, we employ a variety of teaching methodologies:

Inquiry-Based Learning: Encourages students to ask questions and seek answers, promoting deeper understanding.
Differentiated Instruction: Tailoring instruction to meet individual student needs, ensuring all students can access the curriculum.
Collaborative Approach: Leveraging group dynamics to enhance learning experiences and promote language use in authentic contexts.

Support Systems:

We understand the unique challenges that come with learning a new language. To support our students:

Tutoring Opportunities: Most of our World Language teachers are available for tutoring sessions before and after school.
Make-up Assessments: Students have the opportunity to make up missed assessments.
Quiz Retakes: Some teachers allow students to retake quizzes to improve their scores.
Open Notebook Tests: Most teachers provide students the advantage of using their notebooks during tests, aiding in the reinforcement of learned material.

Real-world Connections:

Language isn't just about words—it's about communication, culture, and connection. To bridge the academic-reality gap:

Active Participation: We emphasize the importance of actively using the language, not just learning it.
Real-World Projects: Assignments that simulate or involve real-world scenarios, promoting practical language use.
Advanced Testing: We offer AP and IB testing, providing students with opportunities to gain recognition for their language proficiency on a global scale.

Future Vision:

We are always looking forward and striving for excellence in language education:

Common Assessments: Our aim is to develop standardized assessments to ensure consistency and high standards across all classes.
Vertical Planners: Enhancing our curriculum planning to ensure a cohesive and progressive language learning experience from one grade level to the next.

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