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Mission Statement:

Our math department is not just about numbers. We believe in a holistic approach to mathematics where students don't just learn formulas, but also the reasoning and critical thinking behind them. Our mission is to make math relevant and interactive, linking classroom lessons with real-world applications. This ensures that our students are not only academically proficient but also prepared to apply these skills in their everyday lives, be it in their communities or future careers.

Educational Approaches:

Our teaching methodologies are diverse and cater to different learning styles:

Collaborative learning: Students work together, enhancing their understanding by sharing ideas and strategies.
Project-Based Learning: This approach allows students to explore real-world problems and challenges.
Interactive Notebooks: A hands-on tool for students to organize and synthesize information.
Technological Integration: We utilize platforms like Edpuzzle, Desmos, IXL, Quizziz, and Kahoot to make learning interactive and fun.
Tutoring/Saturday School: Additional support sessions for students who need it.
Hands-on Activities: Using math manipulatives, students can visualize and understand complex concepts better.

Support Systems:

Every child is unique, and so is their learning journey. We have several measures in place to support students wherever they are:

Test Corrections/Retakes: We believe in giving students another chance to showcase their understanding.
Mastery Over Time: Instead of rushing through topics, we ensure students truly understand a concept before moving on.
Tutoring and Saturday School: Dedicated time outside regular classes for students who need extra help.
Individualized Accommodations: Customized support to cater to each student's unique needs.
Spiraling the Material: Revisiting topics periodically to reinforce and deepen understanding.

Real-world Connections:

Math is everywhere, and we want our students to see it. Our curriculum bridges the gap between textbook problems and real-world scenarios:

Solving Real-world Problems: Students tackle issues they might encounter in daily life.
Real-world Investigations: Encouraging students to explore and find math in their surroundings.
Hands-on Math Labs: Practical sessions where students experiment with mathematical concepts.
Inquiry-based Lessons: Promoting curiosity and exploration.
Technology Integration: Using tech tools to simulate real-world math challenges.

Future Vision:

Our vision for the future is clear and ambitious. We aim to:

Raise CAASPP Scores: Ensuring our students are among the best in the state academically.
College Prep: Equipping students with the skills needed for advanced college-level mathematics.
Real-world Readiness: Preparing students to apply math in everyday situations and in their chosen careers.
Collaboration: Working closely with other departments and experts to provide a well-rounded education to all students.

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