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Linked Learning Alliance

Realizing the California Dream Through Linked Learning

Our Partnership with the Linked Learning Alliance

Education, in its true essence, should transcend beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. It must pave the way for students to experience the dynamic interplay between academic knowledge and real-world application. This philosophy underscores our enduring partnership with the Linked Learning Alliance, magnifying the strengths and aspirations of our multiple certified academies.

Benefits to Our School:

  1. Integrated Learning Model: Whether it's the CORE Academy's focus on renewable energy technology or the DMA Academy's dive into the digital arts, Linked Learning offers our educators a rich tapestry of curricula, intertwining rigorous academics with industry-relevant technical skills.

  2. Higher Accountability: Holding certifications from the Linked Learning Alliance isn't just a badge of honor. For our Global Leadership Academy or the Business and Logistics Academy, it signifies our commitment to upholding high academic and practical standards that cater to the demands of the 21st century.

  3. Continued Professional Development: As the landscape of sectors like digital media or construction evolves, our educators stay in tune with the pulse of the industry, benefiting from resources and trainings facilitated through our partnership.

Benefits to Our Students:

  1. Holistic Education: A student at the Digital Media Arts Academy doesn't just learn about Photoshop or Premiere Pro; they gain insights into the broader spectrum of media design and film production. Similarly, those in the Educators for Tomorrow Academy experience the nuances of child development and family services, ensuring a rounded educational journey.

  2. Future Preparedness: Our Business and Logistics Academy students graduate with not just academic understanding but also the capability to think strategically, analyze complex scenarios, and lead financial ventures. Such competencies are indispensable in the real world.

  3. College & Career Readiness: While the Global Leadership Academy students can earn college credits early, those in the Ani-Vation Tech Academy gain hands-on expertise in IT troubleshooting and e-sports, positioning them favorably for both higher education and immediate career opportunities.

Benefits to Our Community:

  1. Skilled Workforce: The Visual and Performing Arts Academy nurtures artists and performers who can further contribute to our local cultural scenes. Likewise, the graduates from our CORE Academy can drive initiatives in renewable energy within the community, promoting sustainability.

  2. Community Engagement: As our academies interlace with real-world sectors - from the arts to IT to business - they foster symbiotic relationships with local enterprises and organizations, fortifying community ties.

  3. Economic Growth: With academies like the Business and Logistics Academy, our community benefits from a stream of young professionals skilled in managerial accounting, supply chain logistics, and financial literacy – all vital cogs driving economic growth.

Through our commitment to the Linked Learning model and our myriad certified academies, we're more than just an educational institution; we're a crucible of innovation, creativity, and leadership, molding the luminaries of tomorrow. Join us in this enriching expedition where pedagogy meets purpose.
Gold Certified Acacdmies: 
C.O.R.E. Academy 
Business and Logistics Academy 
Digital Media Arts Academy 
Silver Certifed Academies: 
Educators for Tomorrow Academy 
Ani-Vation Tech Academy 
Global Leadership Academy